Metropolitan Police, D.C. "Cruiser" Challenge Coin

Metropolitan Police, D.C. "Cruiser" Challenge Coin

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We're proud to offer the preeminent challenge coins designed and manufactured for the Metropolitan Police Department, Washington, D.C. to date. Each of our coins are made to exacting standards and are of uncompromised quality. The detailing is exceptional down to the blue light bar atop the cruiser. This listing is for the MPDC "Cruiser" coin and features a Ford Interceptor superimposed over the United States Capitol on one side and the MPDC shoulder patch on the other along with the United States and District of Columbia flags. The Cruiser coin incorporates a total of six colors, duo-tone (gold and silver) plating on the cruiser side, both polished and "gritty"/sandblasted gold and a unique sculptured edge. These coins are packaged in clear vinyl coin flips and are made to the following specifications:

- 2" (50.8mm) diameter

- made from solid brass 3mm thick

- 3D mold

- 6 colors in polished hard enamel

- unique sculpted 3D edge